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Runner ducks – The Waddle on Inn

The Runner duck arrived in the UK from Asia in the 1850s but it has been around for a lot longer. These are the latest additions to Moorparks. Indian Runners are a very special breed of domestic duck. They stand upright like penguins and, rather than waddling, they run. They have an incredible reputation for egg laying.
At Moorparks, we have female runner ducks.
The height of a female runner can be anything from 50-76cm.
The weight of an average female runner is between 1.4 – 2kg
These ducks generally need less water than other varieties of ducks and can manage with just a tub of water in which to dunk their heads.


The Waddle on Inn – Duck house

This is the girls new house, it’s next to the alpacas so guarded well!

Yes, I made it. If you want to see the Waddle on Inn ‘Making of a duck house’ – click here.