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Walking on Dartmoor

12th June 2019

A Dartmoor Walk

Michele’s job as a nurse has her travelling around Devon and Cornwall. During the summer months there are some amazing views as there are so many hills around. Dartmoor is a regular route for Michele, but although she drives through it, she doesn’t get much of a chance to see it in its full glory. So, a trip to Dartmoor with Scott, Kayleigh and us two was in order.
It wasn’t as windy as it sounds, but is is 1400ft above sea level.
It only takes about 40 minutes from Moorparks Holiday Cottages but even the journey to Dartmoor is a scenic one. We headed for Pork Hill (PL19 9LQ) which is a large car park and just happened to have an ice cream van. Ice creams in hand, we headed up the hill which turned out to be a longer walk than it looked from the bottom.
Dartmoor walk

Admiring the View

Dartmoor walk

Don’t worry, its a dye on the sheep

Dartmoor National Park is a vast moorland. Dartmoor ponies roam its craggy landscape, defined by forests, rivers, wetlands and tors (rock formations). Trails wind through valleys with Neolithic tombs, Bronze Age stone circles and abandoned medieval farmhouses. The area is dotted with villages, including Princetown, home to Dartmoor Prison used during the Napoleonic Wars.
Dartmoor walk

Kayleigh enjoying the view

Dartmoor walk

Fabulous scenery

A lovely afternoons walk and drive with some fantastic scenery on the way and Dartmoor. This would be a fantastic place for a picnic on a summers day.

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